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Brass All-in-one Automatic Faucet

  • Product Name:  Brass All-in-one Automatic Faucet
  • Model NO.:  BD-8801-3
  • Product Details:  Brass All-in-one Automatic Faucet

The Features:
· Integrated type sensor faucet uses infrared microprocessor technique, it concealed the miniature solenoid valve and sensor inside the faucet. It saving the material cost, and makes the installation more convenient. Infrared microprocessor using dual sealant protection, avoid intrusion from humid moisture.
· The main body of faucet using 59 brass gravity casting of international standard. Plating had been through Salt Spray Test for 24 hours to reach national standard.
· To use water saving bubbler will effluent water softer and prevent water-drop splash.
· There had been set prevent clogging device inside the solenoid valve, can be avoided sand to block.
· With more than 1 minute to cut off the water function, to avoid that some obstacles stay within sensing range result in wasting the water resource.

The Major Parameter
· The faucet body material: solid brass with chrome finish
· Power supply: AC 220V or DC 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)
· Battery life: 150,000 cycles
· Sensing range: 10cm to 25cm (adjustable) factory settings 18cm
· Working temperature: 1-60℃
· Water pressure: 0.07Mpa-0.7Mpa
· Water interface: G1/2” internal thread
· Installation aperture: haplopore (32mm)
· Response time: less than 0.7 seconds
· Water stop protection: 30 seconds
· Rated flow: when it under 0.3Mpa less than 3L/S
· Environment humidity: below 95%