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Toilet Automatic Flushometers

  • Product Name:  Toilet Automatic Flushometers
  • Model NO.:  BD-8204
  • Product Details:  Toilet Automatic Flushometers

The Features:
· Sensor surface using advanced 304 stainless steel plates, to make it more durable. In a wet environment it still maintained bright as new.
· Infrared sensor controller use microcomputer as intellectual control, has fortissimo anti-light and anti- electromagnetic interference, the infrared light launch with adown 15 degree Angle, to avoid reflection interference from opposite objects.
· In-wall installation to save more space, set integrated valve of brass casting, to avoid the fault of the connecting component leak water. And overall demolished bistable solenoid valve and filter can easily to adjust the water flow or cleaning filter. There has timing function, if 24 hours is not flush, the product will automatically rinse.

The Major Parameter
· Power supply: DC 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)
· Power consumption: static state≦0.3mW trends ≦3W
· Battery life: 120,000 cycles
· Sensing range: 50cm-70cm (adjustable)
· Working temperature: 1-60℃
· Water pressure: 0.07Mpa-0.7Mpa
· Water interface: G1/2” external thread
· Installation: Wall hidden type
· Flushing way: two-stage flush, two-stage flush, the first is 2 seconds, the second is 8 seconds
· Water flow: 5L
· Environment humidity: below 95%