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Brass Automatic Urinal Flushometer

  • Product Name:  Brass Automatic Urinal Flushometer
  • Model NO.:  BD-8106
  • Product Details:  Brass Automatic Urinal Flushometer

The Features:
· Infrared sensor automatically flushing, non-contact type of using water environment, more convenient and health.
· All brass with chrome housing, solid and shock resistance, beautiful appearance and practical.
· The electronic control components are used in professional potting adhesive and dual sealed to moisture proof.
· Adjustable sensing distance and easy setting, meet the needs of difference customers..
· Exposed design, especially for renovation project and thin wall engineering.
· There has timing function, if 24 hours is not flush, the product will automatically rinse.

The Major Parameter
· Power supply: DC 6V (4pcs AA alkaline batteries)
· Power consumption: static state≦0.3mW trends ≦3W
· Battery life: 120,000 cycles
· Sensing range: 50cm-70cm (adjustable)
· Working temperature: 1-60℃
· Water pressure: 0.07Mpa-0.7Mpa
· Water interface: G1/2” internal thread
· Installation: Exposed type
· Flushing way: two-stage flush, two-stage flush, the first is 2 seconds, the second is 8 seconds
· Water flow: 3L
· Environment humidity: below 95%