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About Us

Guangzhou Lord Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Established in 1997, Guangzhou Lord Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is famous for the brand LORD, which is specialized in producing infrared electronic induction sanitary ware. Our mainly products are Automatic Faucet and Automatic Flush Valve. We had been got ISO Quality Management Systems certification by the SGS. Some products had passed RoHS test and CE compliant. We have wealth experience of design and manufacturing, manufacturing each product carefully, and continuous to improve product quality, so has won the customer recognition of the quality of products. Moreover we can be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the customer, to meet the needs of the market. In the process of developing the product, they are tested by scientific and rational...

Catalogue and Products

Automatic Faucets

Automatic Faucet

Brass Deck Mounted Automatic Faucet, Deck Mounted Non-contact Infrared Sensor Tap, Bowl Basin Automatic Sensor Tap, Gooseneck Bowl Basin Automatic Faucet, Brass Electronic Sensor Faucet, Mixing Valve Electronic Taps, Brass All-in-one Automatic Faucet, Electronic Faucet, Kitchen Gooseneck Automatic Faucet, Gooseneck Mouth Sensor Automatic Faucet,

All one Integrated automatic Faucet

All-in-one Automatic Tap, Hot and cold-in-one Automatic Faucet,

Wall Mounted Automatic Faucets

Wall Mounted All-in-one Automatic Faucet, Wall Mounted Infrared Mixer Sensor Tap, Wall Mounted Automatic Faucet,

Automatic Flush Valves

Automatic Toilet Flush Valve

Exposed Wall Toilet Automatic Flush Valve, Toilet Automatic Flushometers, Manual Toilet Automatic Flush Valve, Toilet Automatic Flush Valve, Brass Toilet Sensor Flushometers,

Automatic Urinal Flushometers

Automatic Urinal Flushometers, Can Adjust The Amount Of Aater Sensor Urinal Flushometers, Brass Automatic Urinal Flushometer, Electronic Urinal Flushometers, Infrared Urinal Flush Valve, Electronic Urinal Flush Valve, Sensor Urinal Flush Valve,

Toilet Flushometers

Toilet Flushometer

Manual Toilet Flushometers, Toilet Manual Flush Valve, Toilet Manual Flushometers, Delayed-time Toilet Flushometers, Button Type Toilet Flushometers, Brass Hand Control Toilet Flush Valve, Pedal Toilet Flushometers, Pedal Toilet Flush Valve, Manual Type Toilet Flush Valve, Foot Operated Flushometers, Foot Operated Toilet Flush Valve, Manual Toilet Flush Valve, Delayed-time Toilet Flush Valve, Manual Type Toilet Flushometers,

Manual Urinal Flushometers

Manual Urinal Flushometers, Manual Urinal Flush Valve, Delayed-time Urinal Flushometers, Exposed Urinal Flushometers, Exposed Manual Urinal Flushometers,

Auto Spout

Do It Yourself Installation Auto Spout

Time Delayed Faucet

Basin Time Delayed Faucet, Automatic Shut Off Faucet, Wall Mounted Time Delayed Faucet,

Hand Dryers

Hand Dryer

Faucet Fitting

BD Control Box, DC-6V Battery Box, DC-6V Solenoid Valve, Fitting,